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I am a self-employed mural (street) artist and illustrator who has been painting both in Ireland and also internationally for the past 5 years. I have a formal background in animation and use this experience in the character designs that form a large part of my work however, I believe colour is the most powerful tool to convey emotion in visual arts. It is this use of colour, from pastel to bold and bright, that I feel defines my style. My work has been featured on RTÉ, in multiple international festivals and in various national and international media. My clients and collaborators include Cartoon Saloon, Dublin County Council, Kerry County Council, Trinity College Dublin, DreamWriters and the Department of Foreign Affairs. In addition to mural, illustration and street art work I am also committed to working with Schools to encourage and develop the next generation of artists. Over the course of my career to date I have worked with children and their teachers in an array of schools across Ireland showing both groups how art can be a hugely valuable tool for expression and communication.

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