C. McAuley NS mural

Memorable scenes from the favourite books of the students of Catherine McAuley National School are painted on the walls of their playground. The design process was done in collaboration with the children the reading school.

A second part of this project  (still in process)  focuses on character strenghts and motivational ideas.


Fitzgibbon Court mural

The artwork is located in the Dublin North East Inner City. The residents of Fitzgibbon Court requested a colourful and cheerful mural with a envrionmental and nature focus.


Avondale House mural

This huge piece was done for the residents of Avondale House in Dublin North East Inner City. Animals, mythical creatures and a ship cover the walls that surround the playground. They represent the crests of the families living there.


Gardiner St Flats mural

The artwork is located in the Dublin North East Inner City, bringing colours, magpies and foxes to the playground of the Gardiner street Flats.


Dublin Canvas boxes

A selection of painted boxes done for the Dublin Canvas project.


Breith Finscéalta mural

This temporary mural around a construction site depicts Cú Chullain, Irish mythology warrior and his training with Celtic female warrior Scáthach.